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April 22, 2009

The time has come for the Dutch teams to finalize the conversions and to ship the tuktuks to India. Let’s show India what the Dutch students have done!

Before the tuktuks are tested and displayed in Chennai, the Dutch teams will organize some farewell parties. These individual events of the teams will take place on 23 April (Groningen), 8 May (Eindhoven), 14 May (HAN, Arnhem) and 15 May (Delft). On 18 May, all the teams will gather in Rotterdam for their final presentations to the jury (morning) and the official press presentation (afternoon). The press presentation will be hosted by professor Wubbo Ockels and a guest speaker. In Chennai, the final race events will take place from 22-25 July. Exiting times!

For years tuk-tuks have ruled the streets of Bankok and other south-eastern Asiatic countries. In recent years western cities start to discover the tuk-tuk as an alternative for taxis. Sustainable tuk-tuks are the next thing.

In many countries tuk-tuks play an important role in daily transport for commutors and other people. Tuk Tuks may not look like the most sophisticated and confortable form of transport.

Especially in crowded cities they have a lot of advantages. They are quite flexible, very maneuverable and can turn around in one lane of traffic with room to spare. But they also have a potential for being a sustainable better alternative for transport modes such as taxis.

In recent years cities in the western world discovered the qualities of the tuk-tuks. For instance in England (cities like Brighton) experimented we the tuk tuk. But it seems that the Netherlands is the first country in the western world where this mode of transport really has a potential to become a success. In cities such as Amsterdam, Zandvoort, the Hague and Rotterdam Tuk-Tuks can be found in the streets, mostly as taxis for shorter distances.

Tuk-tuks might be an environmentally good alternative for taxis already. With all the recent developments, such as hybrid cars, there must be room for improvement!

Enviu is a young international organisation for and by enterprising young people who share their network, expertise, time and money to implement sustainable development in a contemporary and businesslike manner. Enviu helped organise a courageous battle for those who are taking the challenge to design the cleanest cheapest and most practical upgrade kit for existing tuktuks in India. Maybe this will be the start of an environmental race for the cleanest form of hybrid transport in cities all over the world!

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